“Ashley passionately contributes an intuitive exploration of the human experience. She creatively combines knowledge with inner wisdom. Ashley’s vulnerability in expressing her own fears and sharing her transformation is nothing less than courageous and inspires courage in others.
Through her teaching, I have learned to trust my own intuition and embrace my deepest fears as my greatest gifts. I am so grateful to have received her light and contribution. Thank you Ashley!”
– Sunni Hunt, Vancouver BC

From full-day seminars to evening discussions, Ashley facilitates the kind of workshops that make her audience think. Through entertaining and informative facilitated discussion, she consistently inspires her participants to improve their lives.

iGirl Empowerment Workshops
Created by Saleema Noon B.A. M.A., iGirl is a straight to the point, light-hearted empowerment workshop that gives 9-12 year old girls the tools they need to survive – and possibly even thrive – during their teen years.  In a style that’s relevent to preteens, iGirl facilitator Ashley McIntosh takes the role of big sister, teaching the girls how to make smart decisions around the following topics:

  • Self-Esteem: Celebrate her strengths and feel great about her unique self.
  • Body Image: Magazine bodies are make believe.  We’ll help her see how all of us are gorgeous in our own way.
  • Bullying & Assertiveness: Stand up to bullying and peer pressure in a way that works using – you guessed it – “i” statements.
  • Healthy Relationships: Friends, family, & (sigh) dating someday – let’s make sure she knows what she wants and deserves.
  • Internet Safety: Facebook, sexting, and safety online…we’ve got her covered.

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Intuitive Eating Workshop Series 
Dieting makes you fat.  90% of all dieters regain their lost weight within one to five years.  And 99% of those people gain even more!  There is another way to have the body you want.  In this workshop series, learn how to rediscover the pleasure in eating, end the guilt and incessant rules and numbers in your mind, eat in response to your own hunger, stop thinking about food and your weight – and get living your life.

  • Workshop 1 – Learn Intuitive Eating: Throw out food rules & let your body be the guide.
  • Workshop 2 – Flavour is the 4th Food Group: Stop eating boring foods & start cooking foods that taste delicious.
  • Workshop 3 – The Emotion Connection: Eat your food cravings to  discover what you really want in life.
  • Workshop 4 – Love your Body: Feel good about who you are by challenging that mean voice in your head.

Email to learn more about this series.

Wine, Women & Discussion Nights
An evening with the girls just got better.  In the comfort of your own home, with nibblies and wine in-hand, surrounded by a group of your friends, have Ashley come to your home  and lead a fun and informative workshop.  Choose topic from the following list:
– Nutrition & Your Kids
– Intuitive Eating, Emotional Eating, or Mindful Eating
– Love Your Body by Living Your Life
– Eat Butter: The Truth about Fats
– Self-Empowerment for your Daughter

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Get strong. Get inspired. Get vital. Get living.