Personal Wellness

Personal Wellness

“I have made more progress in the six months that I have worked with Ashley than I ever did in over ten years of traditional therapy. She has helped me to accept the past, focus on who I am in the present, and move on with a clear sense of who I want to be in the future and how to get there – all while celebrating the progress I’ve made in the process. And, most importantly, Ashley has helped me to accept that there is no such thing as perfection – we are already exactly who, what, where, and how we are meant to be. I cannot thank her enough!” – Vanessa Sheren, White Rock, BC

Currently Ashley’s private practice is closed as her schedule is full with the iGirl and iGuy Workshops she manages and facilitates in schools: and

Although her private practice is closed, Ashley is still available for her:

Intuitive Eating Workshop Series

  • Workshop 1 – Learn Intuitive Eating: Throw out food rules & let your body be the guide.
  • Workshop 2 – Flavour is the 4th Food Group: Stop eating boring foods & start cooking foods that taste delicious.
  • Workshop 3 – The Emotion Connection: Eat your food cravings to  discover what you really want in life.
  • Workshop 4 – Love your Body: Feel good about who you are by challenging that mean voice in your head.

Wine, Women and Discussion Nights

An evening with the girls just got better.  In the comfort of your own home, with nibblies and wine in-hand, surrounded by a group of your friends, have Ashley come to your home  and lead a fun and informative workshop.

For more information please email Ashley at

Get strong. Get inspired. Get vital. Get living.