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Every morning I eat breakfast, but an hour later I’m already starving. Why?

By Ashley McIntosh First I want to say that this scenario is extremely common.  I would say that the majority of my nutrition clients come to me with this exact issue.  And I understand why – eating a breakfast of … Continue reading

How can I start to like my body?

By Ashley McIntosh I work with clients of all shapes and sizes – from extremely thin to overweight, and everything in between.  And the interesting this is, when they start working with me they all have the belief: “When I … Continue reading

Why is it so difficult for me to stop eating after dinner?

By Ashley McIntosh Our days are so full of things to do.  When we are running from one thing to another, it is easy to keep focused and avoid our emotions from surfacing.  Night time, however, is often our down … Continue reading

Why do I start exercising only to quit 3 weeks later?

By Ashley McIntosh This question is such a common one.  Here are four mistakes you may be making: 1) You choose a type of exercise that you do not like doing.  So often we equate exercise with the gym.  “I … Continue reading

Why can’t I stay on a diet?

By Ashley McIntosh First of all it is very important to understand you are not alone.  Diets are designed to fail.  In fact, 90% of all dieters gain the weight back within 5 years.  If this is so, why are … Continue reading

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