About Ashley

About Ashley

“In just a few months, I saw my disordered eating drop away & my anxiety levels decrease.  I wake up most mornings excited to be alive because I see the gifts of life now.  Thanks to Ashley, I am now allowing myself to enjoy this beautiful journey of life…” – Michelle Firrisi, Vancouver, BC

Here’s my story…

A certified Life Coach and Nutritionist, and teacher at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, I have been studying nutrition and disordered eating for over 10 years.  After suffering from years of dieting, over-cleansing, and disordered eating myself during adolescence, I became deeply passionate about the subject.  Why are so many of us suffering with this?

I decided to focus my energy away from the obsession with food and my body and toward learning how to help women discover, as I had, what life can be like when their minds are free from the lists of numbers, rules and calories. To help them discover  what life can be like when they feel comfortable and confident in their bodies, and they can then focus on what is important to them – their family, friends, career, talents, and community.

During university I tailored my Psychology degree to the subject of disordered eating by researching and writing essays on the media’s influence on body image and the psychology of eating, and by working at the BC Eating Disorders Association facilitating workshops on disordered eating in elementary and high schools. After university I continued my learning by studying Nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and then Solution-Focused Life Coaching at Erickson College.

Today I bring both technical and natural talent to my work as a passionate motivating life coach, nutritionist, and workshop facilitator. I work predominantly with women and girls who have been struggling with food, their bodies, and their self-esteem, and are now ready to make a paradigm shift.  Working with the physical, nutritional, emotional, and mental, I help my clients free themselves from constant worry of weight loss and food rules, and start focusing on what they want in life.  

Through sessions and workshops, together, we get to the core of the matter so my clients can get to ‘success’ on their own terms by listening to their own body and their own emotions. Eventually they become strong, inspired, and vital individuals.  They stop just ‘tolerating’ their lives, and get living.

Get strong. Get inspired. Get vital. Get living.