Why can’t I stay on a diet?

By Ashley McIntosh

First of all it is very important to understand you are not alone.  Diets are designed to fail.  In fact, 90% of all dieters gain the weight back within 5 years.  If this is so, why are we spending 32 billion dollars a year on dieting products and services?  We are given the false idea that using willpower and gathering more information about calories and fat grams is the answer to losing weight.  In truth, it is not. 

The reason why diets don’t work is that they are written by someone else.  They are someone else’s rules about the perfect diet.  I say, write your own story.  Everyone’s body is different and needs a different amount and type of food.  The only way to correctly determine what is the right amount and type of food for you is to listen to your own body. 

Stop counting calories!  Instead, if you learn to eat according to your own hunger signals then you will be eating the proper amount of food for your body to function.  And gradually your weight will normalize.  No deprivation.  No calories.  No fat grams.  Just you enjoying your food and living your life!

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