Why am I so addicted to chocolate?

By Ashley McIntosh

There can be many ways to answer this question.  What I find, is that the root of an addiction to chocolate tends to revolve around two things:

Simply put: we want what we can’t have.  I want you to try an experiment: for the next 2 months, eat chocolate as much as want all day and all evening.  Just eat it, and fully allow yourself to enjoy it.  After 2 months, what do you think might happen?  The chocolate will lose its power over you.  When you deprive yourself of a specific food, that food is exalted to an almost holy level.  You can’t get it out of your mind.  You must have it and you must have it often.  But when you fully allow yourself to eat a food whenever you feel like it, then it becomes like any other food you allow yourself to eat – it’s just food.

I have a question for you: what do you love so much about chocolate?  What does it give you?  Often answers to this question include words such as ‘sweet’, ‘comforting’, or ‘calming’.  And my reply to these answers is: when you crave chocolate, it is these words that you are really craving.  When do you usually crave chocolate?  Is it a time in your day when you really desire some ‘sweetness’ or ‘comfort’?  Is it commonly when you are stressed after a long work day and want some time to yourself to ‘calm’ down?  Take a look at your life and see where you might benefit from adding some of these words to your life.  Add them in, and I assure you, your chocolate addiction will gradually fade away.

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