How can I start to like my body?

By Ashley McIntosh

I work with clients of all shapes and sizes – from extremely thin to overweight, and everything in between.  And the interesting this is, when they start working with me they all have the belief: “When I am thin, then I’ll be happy.”    It is so disappointing to an individual, when they actually get thin and realize they are still not happy.  Take this as a lesson. 

A first step to begin liking your body involves a change in perception from a negative focus on your body toward a positive focus on what truly makes you happy – on what makes your heart sing. 

For example, let’s say you have a morning ritual of watching beautiful celebrities on tv while you get ready and then scrutinizing your body in the mirror for 5 minutes before you shower.  What if you were to play inspiring music instead – and then get right into a warm shower, pamper yourself with beautiful smelling soaps, and sing? 

Take a good look at  your body image habits.  Ask yourself if they have a positive or negative effect on your body image?  Do everything you can to get rid of the habits that have a negative effect.  Then replace them with the habits that make you feel good.

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